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Change can make your a better body builder

Better Attitude - Better Bodybuilding Results attitude1
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World Class Nutrition changes the names for this story and offers a look into how a little change in the routine can make big differences in attitude. You will be suprised how your attitude drives your body sculpting results.

When I am getting ready for a show, Friday afternoon is typically when Paul and I discuss the next stage of the plan or as I like to say, Friday is the day the orders are handed down.

One Friday afternoon during pre-contest preparation for the 2001 Team Universe, I was setting in Pauli's office waiting to discuss any changes he had in mind for the upcoming week. That particular day the conversation took a different direction after the nuts and bolts of my training were addressed.

Paul tapped into something that day I had never even thought of before, which is not unusual as there has been more than one instance that he has enabled me to see a situation in a totally different light.

Our weekly discussions and reviews of my preparation typically begin with a talk about my training and diet. How are you feeling, how are the workouts going, are you working hard on cardio, are all normal questions Paul asks to get a feel for where I am coming from and how everything is going.

He asked me what I had planned for that weekend. I gave the usual reply, "nothing". Nothing was quite simply what I did most weekends. I had developed a habit over the last several years where I would do fewer and fewer outside activities as a contest got closer and the preparation became more intense. I always thought I was doing myself a favor because I was getting extra rest, staying more focused, and enhancing my recovery. At least that is what I had convinced myself I was doing.

Paul started to suggest that I take some time that weekend and get out of my apartment. I don't want you getting too lazy on me, he'd say. He explained the importance of taking the time to do some things that I enjoyed even if it was only for a few hours. He wanted me to avoid setting around in my apartment for extended periods of time. This would keep me mentally fresh and as a bonus would expend a few extra calories too.

At first I was not too crazy about the idea of doing more because it was so out or the ordinary for me and I am a total creature of habit. However, based on the confidence I had in Paul and his ideas, I didn't think it would be wise to be too quick to dismiss this thought.

He further explained that being one-dimensional does nothing to enhance your progress. Basically if you eat when and how you are supposed to, train and do your cardio like you are supposed to, what else is there? You will not hurt your progress by being active in other things with your free time as long as you stick to your schedule. If anything, your performance will increase.

The more he talked, the more it all began to make sense. In the past I felt by shutting off outside activities I was somehow being a better bodybuilder and being more committed to my goals. I don't believe this to be the case anymore.

I took Pauli's advice like I usually do and started to be more active with my free time. It might have been something simple like going to the Mall for a couple hours or going for a walk in the evening and enjoying the scenery. The important thing was I was not sitting around, I was allowing my mind some time to escape from the 24 hour a day job of getting ready for a show.

These little mental breaks did wonders for my attitude. I found my spirits to be better, my enthusiasm remained high no matter how low my calories dropped, I was more productive in other aspects of my life, and, quite honestly, I was more fun to be around.

All work and no play does not make Jack a better bodybuilder. It does not make you more focused or serious. It only makes you one-dimensional and pushes you towards burn out. There is no reason you can't adhere to your diet and training 100% while still incorporating time to do things you enjoy.

Some of the most important lessons I learn from Paul don't even pertain directly to my training but they sure do affect it. They affect it because they make my state of mind better. My new and improved attitude during pre-contest preparation made it easier for me to work harder and to ask a little bit more of myself each passing week. It helped the process seem less like drudgery and more like a wonderful challenge that was yielding great results.

Do yourself a big favor and avoid the mental trap of being one-dimensional. Your bodybuilding efforts will improve as will your enjoyment of the training process itself. Not only will you love the end results staring back at you in the mirror, you love the path you took to get there.

This is not to paint a picture that it is always easy and there are not sacrifices that come along with the territory when you are striving for a goal because there certainly are. No matter what you are trying to achieve, you will undoubtedly face some challenges. That's just part of the game. The point I want to make is you need to keep other avenues of you life open as well and I think you will be better equipped mentally to face the challenges as they arise. Set your goals and prioritize your work to achieve them but also enhance your performance and your state of mind by keeping some balance in your life.

The area of balance is still a bit of a battle for me. I have a tendency to lean towards the one-dimensional mentality that I warn against. I have improved this aspect over the last couple years but I could stand to do a better job. That's one of the things I'm referring to when I speak about continually working to improve all aspects of your life both in and out of the gym. Sometimes it wouldn't hurt me to listen to my own advice.

If you are working hard in the gym and incorporate some balance outside of the bodybuilding regimen I think one hand will wash the other. The happier you are, the more productive I believe you will be.

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Better Attitude - Better Bodybuilding Results attitude1

Home > Shop By CATEGORY > Articles > Better Attitude - Better Bodybuilding Results



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