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Benefits of Desiccated Liver Tablets

Benefits of Desiccated Liver Tablets

Long Before Steroids Even Existed...
Serious Bodybuilders used this to help forge their - Bodies of Iron

A Half Century Later, New Research Reveals Fresh Insights
Into The Little Known Supplement That STILL Produces
Amazing Results For Thousands of Drug-Free Bodybuilders!

Pssst! Listen up. What if we told you there was a tonic you could take, that would allow
you to wake up tomorrow with the body you have always dreamed of? Would you
believe it? Would you want to hear about it? Chances are, even if you recognize this as a
complete impossibility, you’d still want to hear what it was. It’s funny isn’t it? When it comes
to improving our bodies, none of us are immune to dreaming, and many of us impulsively
buy into at least one magical supplement pitch because it promised results we REALLY

Sometimes Desire Can Tip The Scales Of Human Sensibility!

Everyone’s looking for an edge. While it’s true that some recent-day supplement discoveries have
provided incredible boosts for modern day bodybuilders, creatine for example…hold your breath
waiting for the silver bullet, all you’ll wind up with is a head rush. Years of experience have shown
us that it’s very unlikely anything will replace the time-tested basics of good bodybuilding nutrition.
You know about protein and aminos, but do you know about an equally powerful, although less
popular supplement known as desiccated liver? Strength, size, and endurance all typically increase
after adding a quality desiccated liver supplement.

If you shudder at the mere mention of the word, "Liver" then you’ll be VERY happy to know
we’re talking about TABLETS here. Liver tablets have been a mainstay of bodybuilding almost as
long as the sport itself has existed. Stories from the old timers are filled with examples of phenomenal
gains they made on liver tablets. This supplement was and still is one of the most potent training aids
a bodybuilder can use.

Classic Research Study Verifies Liver Extract’s Ability to Boost Strength, Endurance, Performance, and Resistance to Stress and Disease.

In a nutshell here's how this occurred. Dr. B. H. Ershoff took three groups of lab rats and fed them
controlled diets for a twelve-week period. Group one ate a basic diet fortified with vitamins and
minerals. Group two ate as much as they wanted of the same diet plus B vitamins and brewer's yeast.
Group three ate the basic diet but had 10% desiccated liver added to their rations. Then the doctor
placed the rats one by one into a drum of water, out of which they could not climb. Therefore, it was
either swim…or drown!!!

The group one rats swam an average of 13.2 minutes, group two, an average of 13.4 minutes.
Group three however, were still swimming at the end of two hours, at which time the experiment was
concluded. Group three swam almost 10 times as long. No other supplement we know has even come
close to liver for improving endurance.

Ultra 40 – Beverly’s Form of this Most Potent Natural Bodybuilding Aid

When Beverly set out to formulate Ultra 40, our liver supplement, we had to improve upon an
already proven winner. We started with the "best of the best" - the highest grade AAA purified
Argentinean liver concentrate. Why? The Argentine government will not allow their beef herds to be
contaminated with DES steroids, growth hormone or pesticides.

Back before steroids, bodybuilders were taking 7.5 or 10 grain tablets and swallowing 1000
tablets a week was very common, (that’s 100 plus a day!). So our next move was to use technology
to increase the potency packed into every tablet, because no-one wants to swallow 100 pills a day!
Then we worked until we had a formula that contains only trace amounts of fat and cholesterol, BUT
45-TIMES THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE of whole beef liver…AND all the nutrients and enzymes
of raw liver, PLUS all the essential amino acids to pack on the muscle but none of the toxins or fats
found in whole beef liver.

Ultra 40 is a first class source of utilizable bodybuilding protein, but much more. In fact, one of
the true sports nutritional experts, Eric Serrano, M.D., refers to it as "the world’s most perfect food."
From a supplemental standpoint, even the best food chemists in the world can’t duplicate the powers
of a true whole food such as liver.

A Plethora Of Nutritional Factors Occur Naturally In Liver:

High quality protein and amino acids.
Naturally occurring creatine (no wonder desiccated liver was such a favorite among
old-timers) they were using creatine before creatine was invented.
Blood building heme iron (the form absorbed best by the body, also improves regular
iron absorption).
Energy modulating B-vitamins including B-12 and Folic Acid.
Nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) for proper amino acid utilization and cell growth.
Fat metabolizing lipotropics (choline and inositol).
Antioxidants Co Q 10 and selenium.
Minerals such as phosphorous, copper, zinc, and GTF chromium (insulin regulator).
Anti-fatigue and growth factors such as cytochrome p-450.
How Ultra 40 Works in the Real World – Beverly’s Success Formula

If we had to identify a secret success formula at Beverly International, one that makes more
champions than anything, it would definitely be the combination of taking Ultra 40 Tablets and
Mass (our peptide-bonded amino acid tablets) at each meal. The addition of only four Ultra 40
tablets and four Mass tablets per meal for five meals per day can make a tremendous difference
in your physique.

This simple-but-effective supplement program will add sixty-five grams of the highest quality
protein to your daily intake. The addition of this protein at each meal can have a very positive effect
on your hormonal response to eating (more muscle building and fat burning hormones; and less fat
storing hormones are produced). Over three months’ time you will have ingested almost 6000 grams
of additional protein, and 24,000 calories of the highest quality nutrients available.

Since it takes approximately 3500 additional calories to gain one pound of bodyweight, dividing
24,000 by 3500 results in a net gain of approximately seven pounds more than if you hadn't taken the
Ultra 40 and Mass. It’s no wonder Beverly clients are coming into their contests leaner, yet 5-10 pounds heavier than before taking Mass and Ultra 40!

Taking Ultra 40 regularly almost always leads to improved hair, skin, and energy and muscle tone.
And that’s only the beginning! Strength, size and endurance increases are constantly reported when an
individual gets on Ultra 40. In addition Ultra 40:

Improves the nutritional profile of every meal.
Creates a favorable nutritional environment for muscle growth.
Boosts strength and enhances muscular endurance.
Heightens your resistance to stress.
Increases energy flow on a calorie restricted diet.
The amount of Ultra 40 that you should take depends on your level of training and energy needs.
Beginners can start at six tablets per day (two per meal), and intermediates should take no less than
six liver tablets per meal over three meals or 3 - 5 tablets per meal over 5 - 6 daily meals. Start with
1-2 per meal and every week add an extra tablet until you reach the desired level. Advanced
bodybuilders make fantastic progress on 30-40 liver tablets per day over periods of time.

Advanced muscle building tip: also a favorite trick of Vince Gironda. Take 2-4 Ultra 40 liver tablets
and 2-4 Mass peptide-bonded amino acid tablets on the hour (or even every half hour) during the day.
Clients have reported muscle gains of 1-2 lbs a week on this method.

These amounts allow you to take in tremendous amounts of protein and nutrients without large
amounts of food. You should build up gradually to this amount to avoid upsetting your digestion.
While desiccated liver is not considered the cure-all it once was by bodybuilders, it has proved
invaluable time and again in breaking through those sticking points in your strength as well as
contributing to improved energy flow on a restricted diet.

Ultra 40 Delivers Results!

My Body Is Responding Like Mad! David Shaffer, Erie, PA

I was originally using the 4 Ultra 40 per meal that was recommended on my plan. As I read more
of Beverly’s online info and saw what other athletes were doing, I started to experiment. In the last 3
weeks I have been taking 10 with each meal and seeing great results from the increase. In this 3-week
period, I put 20 pounds on my bench and well over 20 pounds on my squats. My recovery time is
amazing, as I am squatting 3 times per week with no trouble. I’m on a progressive type program and
adding 5-10 pounds to my squat at each session. I have been training for years and have always tried
to find that "certain (legal) thing" to make my body respond and take off. This is the most that my
body has ever responded. With Ultra 40 my body is taking off the way I want for the first time ever.
I am losing body fat, maintaining and building lean mass and increasing my strength immensely.

I Will Forever Use This Supplement. Justin Miller

I work three jobs, two at vitamin and nutritional stores and one at a daycare with children.
Although I really don't have a goal of competing, I am very dedicated to improving my physique and
strength levels. Working these three jobs (40-50 hours per week) and going to school was draining my
energy levels making my focus on training very difficult. I have a hard time adding weight or keeping
it on for that matter, I also struggled in the gym increasing my lifts and tend to plateau easily. I read
in one of the No Nonsense Newsletters that Ultra 40 was great for supplying my body with high levels
of protein and B-vitamins to help with fatigue, strength gains, and more. Within a week of trying Ultra 40, most of my exercises were going up with each workout. I also felt better outside of the gym and had improved endurance overall, as well. I will forever use this supplement. When people come in the
store and ask about products, I take them directly to Beverly. Otherwise, they are just throwing money

Before Beverly: 0 Wins – After Beverly: Undefeated! Aram Hampariam, Clifton Park, NY
I had never won a show before until I started using Beverly exclusively. Since then, I am
undefeated this year. Ultra 40 has to be my favorite supplement though. I think this is the biggest
secret for bodybuilders, but now it’s not really a secret anymore!

Supplement Facts:
Nutrition Information
Container Size: 500 tablets
Serving Size: 1 tablet
Servings Per Container: 500
Beverly 40 Grain Liver Compound:
Select Argentinian Desiccated Liver (as
4x concentrate) 2600mg
Vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin) 75mcg
Plus Naturally Occurring: B-12
Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid
Heme Iron.

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