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A Treasured Chest

Itís the safest way to build the chest, ladies. All it takes is an adequate training facility, a rush of determination, and an effective exercise regimen.

And no. Thereís no silicone required.

The myth that a strong, muscular chest is a member of the menís only club is just that Ė a myth.

More and more women in bodybuilding and fitness are discovering the benefits of a healthy, chiseled chest.

The isolation that separates the two pectoral muscles, dipping between them like a deep canyon, is synonymous with tone, development, and strength.

So open up your treasure chest with some of these great exercises aimed at sculpting and isolating your pecs.

INCLINE DUMBBELL PRESSES: Lie on an incline bench, taking a dumbbell in each hand. The weights should be parallel with each other, palms facing outward, as your elbows are locked in 90-degree angles to your sides. Slowly press the dumbbells upward and slightly in, stopping just short of your elbows being locked out. Squeeze the pectoral muscles during the contraction for a moment before slowly lowering the weights to the starting position, where your upper arms should be parallel with the floor. Repeat this motion for 12 reps over 3 sets.

INCLINE DUMBBELL FLYES: Set the incline bench at roughly a 45-degree angle. Take a dumbbell is each hand with your elbows locked at a 90-degree angle out at your sides. In this exercise, your palms should be facing each other. As you slowly squeeze your pecs inward, your hands should be moving toward each other in a circular motion above you. Squeeze your pectoral muscles during the contraction, as the dumbbells should come just shy of tapping each other. Do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

CABLE CROSSOVERS: Clasping the handles on to the upper-cable stations, step forward on one foot for balance while locking your elbows in a slightly bent position. Bring your handles down low, around your waistline, at a slight angle in front of you. Bend forward while extending your chest, squeezing tight on the contraction. Holding this position, allow the weight to slowly pull your elbows back, providing a healthy stretch. Repeat the motion and try three sets of 12-16 repetitions for great toning and isolation.

Like any other muscle group, pectoral exercises must be accompanied by strict, disciplined form. Without the proper form and range of motion, these exercises will instead inflict pressure on joints and muscles other than the ones you are targeting.

Also, while performing these exercises, focus your mind on grinding those pecs into the shape of your desire.

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