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Various Forms of Creatine

Which One is The Best!
Various forms of creatine products such as Monohydrate, liquid, creatine ethyl-ester, dicreatine malate, micronized, kre-alkalyn, and effervescent and even more! So really which creatine is the best and how does the body use them? Creatine is made from three amino acids Arginine, Glycine and Methionine, they are just like the building blocks that make up proteins.

Creatine also can be produce by the body but not the amount that you get when you take a creatine supplements. Every type of creatine is different in composition, solubility, and effectiveness. Some creatines are more soluble than others, which, in turn, increases their effectiveness. Other creatines have chemicals attached which increase their absorption and uptake into the muscle, which eliminates the need for a loading phase. There is a difference between the various forms of creatine but all have the same common goal: Volumizing muscle, increasing Mass, Improving strength, Increases energy (ATP levels)which should mean less fatigue with repeated bursts of activity in training or in many sport competitions.

A World Class Verity of Creatine

Creatine Monohydrate:
The first of all creatines creatine monohydrate is the normal, original creatine that people have been using for decades. It is still the most wide sold creatine product out of all the rest. Purity is important when searching for a creatine product, because, the purer, the more effective! SKW creatine (made in Germany) is the purest creatine around (99.8%). Companies that use it will have to say Creapure.

Micronized Creatine:
Micronized Creatine is essentially creatine monohydrate, except it has been micronized, which means the molecules of creatine have been divided or cut up. This increases their surface area 20 times, increasing absorption and reducing stomach discomfort.

Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE):
CEE is a creatine molecule with an ester attached. Normal creatine molecules are zwitterions, or molecules with one positive end and one negative end. This causes less absorption into the body. However, the ester counteracts the charges and allows for almost 99% absorption into the body! This removes the need for a loading phase, and is THE MOST absorbent creatine by far yet!

Creatine Serum:
Creatine Serum is arguably the most debated type of creatine every to be introduced to the market. Some users report astonishing results, while others claim no results at all. This is basically creatine dissolved in water. However, users who saw results reported better results with monohydrate. I would not suggest to anyone to use this kind of creatine.

Effervescent Creatine:
Effervescent Creatine is basically creatine combined with sugar or sodium, and a chemical which causes bubbles in the liquid. This increases absorption and has a better taste.

Tri & Di Creatine Malate:
These are another type of creatine bonded with other molecules (companies seem to love this) which increases absorption. The difference is, these have gotten positive feed back and do work! Tri is the more absorbent and soluble of the two. Tri Creatine Malate is a compound of molecules created from malic acid and creatine. Tri Malate has 3 monohydrate molecules attached and Di Malate has 2.

Creatine Kre-Alkalyn:
Creatine Kre-Alkalyn is basically a special protected creatine which does not convert into useless creatinine as readily as other creatines before being absorbed into muscle tissue. It is another form of creatine bonded to a molecule. No clinical trials have been made on this type of creatine yet, but most user feedback is positive.

Creatine Orate:
Creatine orate is another type of creatine bonded to a molecule. This time, the molecule is orotic acid. Orotic acid is a precursor of nucleic acids which help optimal cell functioning and energy use from ATP. So this is actually creatine, which has its own energy enhancing properties, and orotic acid, which increases ATP levels in 3 ways.

Creatine Cocktails: (Mixed With Glutamine/Nitric Oxide, Sugar
Creatine cocktails are usually mixed with other amino acids such as glutamine and taurine. Other creatine cocktails are mixed with nitric oxide. These products allow us to gain from both products, which help each other, and allow us to synergistically maximize their effects. The most famous of this effect is stacking (using at the same time) NO and creatine. They always give their users much more muscle gains than when using nitric oxide or creatine alone! So if you have the cash, and you're not worried.

These are the tip of the iceburg when it comes to different forms of creatine! There are many more blends and matrixs of creatine, but you must find which one produce more results for you. Any Creatine supplement you can find it here at worldclassnutrition.com at discount prices!

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