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Bulking Phase and Cutting Phase at the Same Time

I am always hearing people talking about they are either in a bulking phase or a cutting phase, though never both together. What I find it most people believe that you canít do both so they are not even looking for answers on how. The reality is that you can do both. With some basic tips you can start ripping your muscle as you shed fat.

The key to building bulk and cutting is all on how you combine your workout program with your diet plan. To be successful you need to be diligent. Cutting and gaining size are not done together for those that are just trying to eat right or workout right. It is for those that are serious about their results and want to start achieving them now.

The first step to your workout is training at least 5 days a week. You want to be doing a high intensity training sessions that tax your muscles to fatigue each day. There are many different bodybuilding workout programs and you want to keep changing the stimulus every 4-6 weeks to keep your muscles adapting. The key to building bulk is volume. Volume is the total amount of weight and sets that you do per muscle group. If the total weekly volume of your workouts is not increasing you will not build great mass.

It is vital that you are consistent with your workouts and that each day that your train at your max. I recommend preworkout supplements like NO Xplode or Shock Therapy to make sure you perform during each workout and donít take any training sessions off going through the motions.

If you train with a program that builds more volume you will develop larger muscle mass.

Many people attempting to build mass eat too much calories which gets them their size and extra fat pounds we donít want. Listed below are the first steps to creating a diet that does both, build mass and cut fat.

1. Optimal protein for rebuilding muscle tissue 2. Food that promotes testosterone production 3. Right Portion Control to allow metabolism to burn fat all day 4. Eliminate empty calories

You may be thinking how do I do that? Listed next are 5 steps that you can implement today to start your body developing in the proper way.

1. Chose lean meat choices such as fish, chicken, and whey protein powders. 2. Post workout shake with carbs and protein, not just protein. When you donít get carbs into your post workout shake your body stops burning fat and starts storing fat. 3. Add monounsaturated fats into your diet such as virgin oil and avocados. These fats stimulate testosterone production. Gamma-O is an effective testosterone booster that is an all natural fat.

4. Stay away from simple sugars that spike your blood stream and shut off your bodyís natural fat burning process. Complex carbs like rice or grains are stored in your muscle cells and are the energy you use while lifting weights.

5. Eat every 2-3 hours: This trains your body to burn fat as your major fuel source and prevents muscle from being burned as energy. Any gap in your meals and your body can start burning muscle so you lose size and will store more fat.

The best thing is to make eating right and your workout plan apart of your lifestyle.

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