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The first thing you must understand about the correlation between "body fat", "body weight", and "diet/nutrition" is that the ideas behind a healthy diet are very, very basic.

If you can grab handfuls of fat from your body you are doing something very simple -- you are consuming more food calories than you are burning. This is important even if you are taking diet pills.

What is a calorie? Well, if you remember your chemistry from high school, you will remember that a calorie is a measure of energy. Our bodies are amazing enough to take the food we eat and convert it into energy called calories.

Some food (or human fuel) is more potent than others; Some fuels burns faster; while some fuels store easier.

Simple sugars (the white sugar in your cabinet, the sugar in your soda pop, the sugar in candy) burns the fastest and is loaded with energy calories. If you can't burn this fuel instantly, it will be stored in your body as fat.

Complex carbohydrates (sugars) are the sugar energy you find in bread, in pastas, etc. These carbs are better stored by your body for later usage, and the energy is more time-released -- rather than the all-consuming fire a simple sugar produces.

Now, what the heck is protein and how much should you have as a Buffed bodybuilder? First, protein is what your muscles are made of. So, it is pretty much common sense to figure out where you would replenish your source of protein -- MEAT! Chicken, fish, pork, and especially beef all contain large amounts of protein. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products also contain a good portion of protein. Now, how much should you have? Take your body weight in pounds, divide by two, and that is how many grams of protein you should consume per day. For example, I weigh 170 pounds. 170 / 2 = 85. I should eat 85 grams of protein per day to replenish my protein-hungry big guns.

Now fat is one of the most commonly misunderstood things in the diet and nutrition world. People run from food if it has "fat" in it, because they think it will make them fat.... WRONG!

Let's think back to our chemistry class again. Do you remember looking at different chemical bonds? Do you remember how some strands are more "easily broken" (i.e. mass converted to energy) than others? Well my friends, the same is true with fats. (Mono/Poly)Unsaturated fats can be used by your body just as well as the proteins and carbs. However, saturated fat contains so much energy wrapped up in its chemical bond, that it's hard for the body to break down those chemical bonds. Saturated fats can stay in your body without being used -- because your body would rather use more immediate energy -- like that Coke you just drank. Try not to go over your RDA in saturated fats unless you do a lot of long-distance running. Bodybuilders need the energy in unsaturated fat, protein, and carbs.

Are you watching your diet, but you're still fat? Then eat less! It is an unarguable fact that if you can control your appetite, then you can eat less calories than you burn in a day and that forces your body to "burn off" it's reserves -- your fat cells!

Are you trying to eat more but you're still skinny? Consume more calories man! Force it down. Eat high-potency calorie items. Eat whenever you have a chance. One you start consuming more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. And if you are lifting weights and working out, then that weight will be muscle weight -- not fat

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