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Pass a Random Drug Test

Pass a Random Drug Test

This is the flagship product of Urine Luck. They are without question the industry leader in extreme drug testing solutions for nearly ten years and have garnered the utmost respect and trust from tens of thousands of users across the globe.

Never one to accept complacency, Urine Luck™ has continued to devote countless man-hours and enormous financial resources to constantly refine Urine Luck™ into a drug testing urine additive dominator. If you aren't inside, you are outside. It's that simple. Drug testing is a constantly evolving force, and thanks to Urine Luck™, the race is on!

This odorless, pH balanced clear liquid, when added to a urine drug test sample, simply and easily destroys all toxins on contact.

Worried about random drug testing?

Urine Luck™ urine additive is contained in a very small micro-vials with an extremely long shelf life, and will instantly destroy all toxins — from prescription medicines and up — on contact, including the GC/MS test. Some consider Urine Luck™ to be an extra insurance policy much needed for sudden, unexpected testing.

Pass A Random Drug Test Product Overview

The ultimate solution for random drug testing. Pulverizes all toxins immediately on contact. Just pour it in, and boom—drug test? Passed! Undetectable by nearly all drug testing methods. 6 mL micro-vial is small & easily concealable. Completely odorless & dissolves almost instantly. pH balanced to destroy even prescription drugs. 200% money back guarantee from Urine Luck™. Most popular, best-selling drug testing solution in history. Pass a Random Drug Test with Confidence

Urine Luck™ urine additive carries a 200% money back guarantee from Spectrum Labs, a company that is one step ahead of the drug testing technology, which means you can be assured of a negative test result.

Pass a Random Drug Testing Success

You bet! Urine Luck™ urine additive has over a 98% success rate. Coupled with an unheard of 200% money back guarantee, Urine Luck™ backs up everything they do, a policy expected from any drug testing company worth their salt, and one you deserve.

Pass a Random Drug Test Bottom Line?

Many drug tests are conducted without prior notice, leaving the test subject open for a devastating, positive result. Don't let it happen to you. Urine Luck™ urine additive is the perfect solution for random, unannounced drug tests because of its fierce efficiency, size, technology, and price. If unsure as to when the next test may be, arm yourself with the confidence of Urine Luck™.

Pass a Random Drug Test Advice & Tips

Note that Urine Luck™ urine additive is not to be taken internally.

This product is not for sale and/or use in New Jersey, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oregon, Arkansas, Illinois, and Florida. We reserve the right to refuse all sales to individuals in “sensitive” positions of employment and government mandated testing, including but not limited to airline, train, driving, medical, heavy machinery industry(s), and military, probation, parole, or court-ordered testing, respectively. This product is not to be used on lawfully administered drug tests or where prohibited by law. Said policy is strictly enforced. Thank you for your compliance.

Drinking optimum levels of water is ideal for any drug test to aid in toxin metabolism, especially on the day of the test. Since Urine Luck™ urine additive is a clear, odorless liquid, it may be advantageous to consume a small amount of B Complex vitamin for a rich, golden color to offset a high amount of water intake.

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