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As sure as eggs are eggs, you will need protein in your diet if you want to build great muscles. Remember back in primary school learning about the basic food groups? We got told that protein was what the body needs for growth and that one source of protein was eggs.

And that’s true. If you want to increase your muscle bulk, you will need a higher than normal amount of protein in your diet. This is particularly true when you are in a period of intense training or “overtraining”. One controlled scientific study showed that men who took a protein supplement such as egg protein had more testosterone and more hemoglobin (red blood) than those who didn’t.

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The ancient Spartans knew the benefits of taking high levels of protein in the diet when they wanted to improve the stamina and strength of their renowned armies (ever seen the movie 300?). By law, every Spartan male had to eat two kilos of red meat a day. But this won’t work in today’s world. Munching your way through two kilos of meat just isn’t practical in today’s time-poor society – you’d rather be at the gym training – and we know about the health dangers of too much saturated fat in the diet, which is bound to happen if you ate that amount of meat (Spartans didn’t live long enough to get heart disease, usually!).

Egg protein is a low-fat way to make sure that you have the high levels of protein in your diet needed for optimum muscle bulk building. Eggs contain all the basic building blocks of life – the amino acids – in one small package. You may have heard of the old body builder’s trick of mixing a raw egg up in milk and drinking it. All I can say about that one is that you’d get a reasonable amount of protein that way but you’re probably also doing it to prove how macho you are – the taste and texture of this is totally repulsive! By drying them and taking them in concentrated form as a nutritional supplement, you can get all the protein you need without the fats or cholesterol that you would get from other sources. And it’s easier to take, believe me!

Egg protein supplements are easy to take – usually as a shake – and some brands of come in a range of tasty flavors such as chocolate or vanilla. Now that’s a whole lot nicer than chugging down raw eggs!

Egg protein is also more complete than whey protein or casein supplements, as egg protein contains a wider range of proteins, rather than just a few.

There are two main forms of egg protein available as nutritional supplements. Some egg protein nutritional supplements contain proteins from the whole egg (yolk and white), while others contain proteins from the white alone. The advantage of egg protein sourced from egg white only is that egg whites contain no fat, so you can get protein and only protein. As a matter of fact, egg whites contain 40 different proteins. Egg protein supplements that contain egg yolks as well as egg white have the added vitamin and essential fatty acids that are found in the yolk.

There’s one other use for egg protein that’s common, but this relates to growing big hard trees rather than big hard muscles. Rabbits hate egg protein, so commercial plantations of pines and other trees often coat the young seedlings in egg protein prior to planting to protect the trees from rabbits.

Don’t know what the rabbits are complaining about. Egg protein’s great!
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