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Fusion Bodybuilding is a company for bodybuilders.

Fusion Bodybuilding is a company that makes products for the person trying to put on muscle. From their pre-workout Fubar, for intense training sessions, to their Shut-eye, that allows your body to build muscle while you are sleep. The four product that we carry by Fusion Bodybuilding is for the person wanting to build muscle, so lets take a closer look at their products.

Fubar works by increasing your spinal excitability and motor neuron stimulation. These are critical for generating the signals that activate your muscles. It’s a fact — your muscles are stronger when your motor neurons are activated. By stimulating your motor neurons and increasing your spinal excitability, FUBAR gives you the insane energy you need to lift heavier, harder and longer. And that means bigger gains and bigger muscles.

Purple-K is a patented creatine that helps create dry lean muscle gains and holds little to no water weight. When taking 2 before workouts and 2 after workouts you’re bound to feel the growth of muscle within the first week!

SUB-Q is a fat burner meant for bodybuilders. SUB-Q contains two products that are patented which mean that you can trust the quality of what’s in it. It also has BCAA’s in it, which no other fat burner will have, this means that while burning fat you can still feed your muscles the nutrition that they need to grow.

Shut-Eye is like no other night time formula on the market. Not only does this product allow a deeper more sound sleep, but also has Arginine and Orthine, which will help muscle grow while you’re asleep. As you can see Fusion Bodybuilding is serious about wanting people to build muscle mass. What’s nice about these products is that you can combine them for rapid muscle growth. So, whether you’re trying to build muscle and lean out or if you have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that you aren’t getting the nutrition that you need, Fusion Bodybuilding is the way to go!

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