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Maximum Human Growth Hormone for Dummies

by A.L. Rea

Growth hormone (GH) has been surrounded by a cloud of mystique for many years carried by whispered hushes of freak status and a shot at the Mr. O for those who venture its use. Warnings of facial disfigurement and hopes of sexual appendage elongation alike have accompanied the strange tales of this hormone’s power. Wow, get a life!

The truth is that GH works very well indeed…if it is properly employed. If An athlete has trained and eaten correctly (many do not of course) the net gain in lean tissue mass can be as much as a 14% increase in total lean mass in a matter of weeks with a similar corresponding loss in adipose (fat) tissue. But the effects are far positive effects of a GH protocol can be far reaching in that the protocol allows continued progress where none has been realized for quite some time. Many lose much of the potential possible progress during the actual GH protocol and almost all give up the long-term gains that they could have realized by simply understanding a few facts of reality concerning GH use. Employment of these facts usually results in realizing the 14% net gain possible and keeping them post-protocol while adding a few more freaky pounds. Been there done that.

There are several hormones, hormone-like substances, and a few supplements that act anabolically enough to result in an increase in lean muscle mass without any degree of androgenic activity. Many of these substances are highly anti-catabolic as well. If an athlete’s goal is to make continuous progress either an anabolic or anti-catabolic environment must be maintained without creating uncontrolled negative reactions to the intended anabolic or anti-catabolic action. In the case of Absolute Anabolics this means that the anabolic signaling method must be phased or cycled in the appropriate time frames as well as utilization of the correct products to aid an athlete in working with instead of against their bodies. We will first discuss the hormone and then discuss OTC products that either positively affect them or those that mimic their activity.

Growth Hormone (GH) GH is probably the best known of the hormones we refer to as Absolute Anabolics. GH is often heralded to be a fountain of youth for the aging and a mandatory addition to the drug protocols of the elite competitive athlete. It is also naturally produced within the body.

The average healthy adult produces between 0.5-1.5 iu (international units) of GH daily. This is not to say that the body cannot produce a great deal more GH, only that this is all the body wants to produce for our declining post-adolescent years. (Which really sucks) After all, we are past our hormonal prime as males at age 18-25 (yet we are not in our muscular prime for well over a decade after).

A growing child produces 4-7 GH pulses of about 2iu each for 4-5 days but not necessarily on consecutive days. This amounts to as much as 70iu of GH entering the circulatory system in a rather brief period. (Gee, and I wonder why I have to buy clothes for my kid about every other week?)

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As we have discussed in earlier books and articles, the two types of muscle proteins capable of growth are structural and contractile proteins. Contractile proteins are called actin and myosin. Their job is to induce body movement through contractions that result in the shortening of the muscle fibers. This is quite similar to a ratcheting effect in action. The structural proteins hold the entire muscle and connective tissue complex together. Both proteins add to total muscle mass, strength potential and density. GH has a profound positive effect upon structural protein anabolism while providing a degree of increased protein synthesis within contractile proteins. Additionally, GH use results in a very powerful anticatabolic effect. By increasing total structural protein content we realize a very obvious increase in lean muscle mass and strength potential while benefiting actual structural integrity. This is important when considering long-term potential and results. Structural integrity can be a dramatic limiting factor or growth stimulus. The lack of supporting tissues obviously also limits potential training weight-loads for the affected muscle groups. Therefore a greater degree of structural protein synthesis results in an increase in contractile protein synthesis due to adaptation to a greater weight-load. (Gee, ya think so? Duh)

Consider this aspect of structural integrity: Would you try to do bar squats on loose sand? Of course not! And the reason is due to a lack of structural integrity. So why would anyone seeking to build the perfect beast disregard the necessity of a complete musculature?

Yes, there are a few other benefits to increased GH levels to consider…
*Increased lean mass tissue
*Improved memory
*Increased strength
*Improved stamina
*Increased Libido
*Stronger bones
*Lower blood pressure
*Lower bodyfat percentage
*Increased rate of recovery and regeneration of tissues
*Regeneration of skin proteins and improved skin elasticity *Anticatabolic/lean tissue sparing during calorie restricted periods *Increased use of fat stores as an energy source.

Some older athlete’s have reported an increase in hair growth on the pate and a decrease in gray hair.

Many of the effects of GH can be attributed to the known 8 growth factors resulting from its elevation in the circulatory system. Of these the most noted growth factor in the sports community is IGF-1, and less so FGF. Many who have used GH with poor results simply did not realize the chain of events that GH use induces and therefore missed the long-term gains that they had at their finger-tips. Of course some simply totally screwed up the protocol.

Train hard, eat big and grow. Enough said.

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Author L. Rea is the genius behind the book "Chemical Muscle Enhancement." a quantum leap forward in the practical application of anabolic pharmacology.

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