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Hoodia is Singled Out as Weight Loss Wonder

Oprah, 60 minutes, the Today Show have all featured the latest thing to hit the weight loss market, and it may well change the way we are able to gain control of our weight problems!

With so many of us out there looking to gain or regain control of our weight, what if the answer was in our backyard all along, or specifically South Africa’s backyard.

The world is buzzing about the discovery of the new weight loss aid, hoodia. Hoodia Gordoni is a type of cactus that grows in South Africa. It has been used by South African tribesmen to ward off huger, thirst and other ailments for centuries, but it’s the weight loss benefits that have caught the attention of the world. Hoodiatrol by Foundation Nutriceuticals For hundreds of years South African tribes would strip the needles off the cactus and chew on it during long journeys and times of drought. Though clearly not intended to be a weight loss aid on some of the most malnourished people in the world, the early indications of Hoodia on our appetite were not lost on local scientists from South Africa.

Hoodia has been scientifically shown to reduce weight in dogs, as well as rats, the latter having been singled out for their voracious appetites. In fact, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, has isolated a single molecule in the plant responsible for the unintended results, P57 and now hold said molecule under patent with expectations of making millions through the effects of hoodia.

But, there’s no need to wait. Though many giants are anxious to see what can be developed pharmaceutically, hoodia in its unaltered, natural state is already available and being used the world over by those who have heard of this wonder plant. Supplement companies already offer hoodia in many forms including; pills, liquid, and patches to name a few. Hoodia communicates a feeling of satiation, and fullness to the thalamus. It literally tells your brain that you’re full. People have reported going days without feeling hungry. Consistently, studies are showing that people are eating 1000-1500 less calories in a day effortlessly. Hoodia has been reported to enhance your mood and energy levels. With all of these indications, hoodia seems to be a very promising alternative to the those wanting to shed unwanted pounds. As always some of the most exciting news about most of the hoodia products on the market today is that they are 100% natural. To date, there is no known negative side effects to hoodia, unless abused, and hoodia contains no caffeine, stimulants, or Ephedra.

Perhaps the only area causing concern to those already using hoodia is the supply. Some are so concerned about its availability that Hoodia Gordoni has been placed on South Africa’s endangered species list. The plant does show promising harvesting results with cuttings rooting at a rate of almost 100%, and a tolerance for inclement weather, but many fear the demand will pose the most important strain on the plant yet.

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