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Mass Building like the Hulk

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How do you train to gain Lou Ferrigno, Dr. Bruce Banner, gamma-induced maximum mass? Well, to paraphrase wild Billy-Boy Clinton, that depends on what your definition of mass is! If your definition of mass is just an all out rapid weight gain with the requisite heavy weight training along with frequent visits to the local low-quality $4.99 -- All you can Possibly Eat Buffalo Buffet, we agree to disagree.

You see, I don’t confuse fat with muscle. Of course, for massive Jupiter-like mass, many swear by power lifting and buffet binges. However, unless you are a genetic freak on 600-mg. of dianabol a day, this is a good way to get downright fat. Okay so maybe guys like Anthony Ditillo, (of the old iron man magazine), used to call it, “Muscular Bulk,” I call it, “Moo-Moo status.” Indeed, it may be the best way to get FAT. Now, this is not meant to disparage power lifting, but power lifters develop different bodies than bodybuilders.

Generally speaking, power lifters use their highest possible weights for 1-5 reps. This training method works wonders for increasing strength, but may not be ideal for maximum muscular hypertrophy and/or hyperplasia. In fact, according to most Sports Medicine experts, sets of 5-12 reps and perhaps even higher are best to elicit cellular responses. This stimulation is what’s necessary to augment changes in multi-fiber muscle size.

I’m not sure who wants to pack on mounds of fat, (maybe Sam Sumo), but when it comes to adipose (fat) tissue, unless you are planning to chase a Polar Bear across Antarctica or swim the English Channel in just a Speedo on Christmas Eve, large amounts of blubberous tissue serves no purpose.

Fat is not metabolically active, nor does it manifest in contractility. Therefore, in terms of enhancing performance in any way, (except maybe Sumo wrestling), adipose tissue in large amounts, is “dead” weight… And may eventually make you dead.

When it comes to gaining mass, and by mass, I mean quality slabs of muscle tissue, ala, Ronnie Colemass (err... Coleman), with minimal intramuscular, (or other), fat, well, that isn’t just a matter of training.

While I feel some training methodologies are more conducive to gaining mass than others, for the most part, that part is moot, as training heavy must be a given! However, training RIGHT means the most.

Gaining mass is ‘maxed’ with a combination of high quality nutrient dense foods, the highest quality supplements, and a training program that focuses on intensity, volume and progression. Believe it or not, when it comes to your food intake, your focus should be on your blend of proteins and especially dairy proteins. Prior to steroids, many great bodybuilders in the 50’s and 60’s (Grimek, Tanny, Eiferman, Weaver, Farbotnik, Reeves, Tinnerino, Haislop, Daniels, Abbenda, Howorth, Johnson, Ortiz, Labra, Reg and Jim Park, Eder, Horvath, LaLanne, Yorton… etc.) were extremely thick, with dense physiques. They accomplished this by drinking quarts and quarts of whole fat milk, washing down hard cheese and cottage cheese. These pre-steroid monsters even added heavy whipping cream to their egg-ice-cream-peanut butter and milk protein, milk shakes!

Milk proteins, like cottage cheese are digested very slowly and are extremely anti-catabolic, loaded with L-glutamine. Today, by combining Beverly’s Ultra Size with whole milk, whole fat cottage cheese, and or heavy whipping cream you can provide your starving muscle engines with a flawless amino acid profile to fire-up muscle growth fast!

Assuming you are training like a mad man, these anti-catabolic, nutrient-dense and protein rich Ultra Size combinations, combined with other sources of protein, such as New York Strip Steak, eggs, and chicken, will pack on quality weight versus gooey worthless fat.

Small amounts of low glycemic fruit, an occasional salad and a plentiful supply of green vegetables will help to balance out your meals and add to the vitamins and minerals that will help repair your micro-damaged body owing to your intense workouts. You should ingest approximately 18-20 calories per every pound of body weight, as a starting point. Okay--if you are gaining a lot more than 1.5 pounds a week, it’s probably too much fat and you would need to cut your calories. But, If you are not gaining around 1 pound a week, increase your calories. It’s that simple!

Toddy Jackson Incline Bench Press Sample Lean Mass Gain Diet for a 180-lb male Meal #1 2 cups whole fat cottage cheese 1 scoop Ultra Size or... 3 whole eggs + 2 egg whites 4 oz. ground sirloin 1-cup omelet type vegetables (onions, mushrooms,peppers) 1 slice Swiss cheese Meal #2 8 oz. ground sirloin wrapped in lettuce and topped w/ diced tomatoes 1 TBS mayonnaise 2 TBS mustard Meal #3 2 scoops Ultra Size 16 oz. whole milk 1/2 banana or 5 strawberries Meal #4 6 oz. chicken breast 1/2 cup whole fat cottage cheese 1/2 cup pineapple Meal #5 2 scoops Ultra Size 16 oz. whole milk 1/2 banana or 5 strawberries Meal #6 2 slices Swiss cheese 1 whole egg + 4 egg whites 5 oz. ground turkey breast 4 TBS salsa Todd Chest Press INCREASING THOSE MASS GAINS! In addition to sound diet and training, please try Beverly’s Creatine Select/Phosphates, plus Glutamine and Beverly’s Ultra C. This makes for more intense training and less recovery time needed. Furthermore, the muscle pumps that accompany these products are so extraordinary you’ll need a change of clothing by the end of your workout!

In fact, a five-day loading phase (5 servings/day) with Creatine Select will ensure that your muscles are flooded with the raw materials to produce more ATP (what your body actually uses for fuel during anaerobic activity). Remember, Beverly is THE ONE with phosphates (which science now says is absolutely critical to make creatine work optimally)!

So, what this means, is that your body fatigues much less from training sessions. The addition of sodium and potassium phosphates to creatine will shuttle even more of the raw monohydrate into you muscle cells. After loading Creatine Select for 5 days, a maintenance dose of 1-2 scoops pre-workout suffices for most. Beverly’s Ultra C, at 1 tablet pre and post workout, helps to counteract cortisol levels (a highly catabolic stress hormone commonly found in athletes during intense training sessions), and accelerate muscle and connective tissue recovery.

Ok, now that you have the nutrition and supplementation for mass, it’s now time to stimulate your muscles with the BEST training! The key is always proper progression, intensity volume and compound multi-joint exercises. Feel free to experiment with a variety of training splits and exercises. However, the sample routine herein, while simple, is effective for Hulk-out mass…but only after the nutrition and supplementation components of the program are implemented.

SAMPLE HULK-MASS TRAINING! Day 1: 20-Rep Set Squats: I recommend starting with the heaviest weight you can handle for 3 sets of 10 reps. However, after warm-up, you will only be performing 1 "to-the-death set!" If you are able to actually get 20 reps without passing out, increase your weight by 5% next workout. If you fall short of the 20 reps, stay with the same weight and try to add reps.

BB or EZ Bar Pullover and Press: 3 x 10. Pull-Ups, Chins or Pull Downs: 3 x 10. Straight Bar Curls: 3 x 8-10. Standing or Donkey Calf Raises: 4 x 15-20. Abs: 200 total reps of your choice.

Day 2: OFF

Day 3: Incline BB Presses: I recommend starting with a weight you can get for 3 sets of 10 reps. After a brief warm-up, perform 1 set of "to-the-death 20 reps." If you are able to complete all 20 reps, increase the weight by 5% next workout. If you fall short of the 20 reps, add reps! continued day 3...

Standing BB or DB Presses: 3 x 10. Machine Bench Press: 3 x 10. Body-Weight Dips: 3 x failure in reps.

Day 4: OFF

Day 5: 20-Rep Dead Lifts: Follow the same protocol as your "20-rep squat". Low Cable Rows: 3 x 10. DB Hammer Curls: 3 x 8-10. Triceps Pushdowns: 3 x 10. Seated Calf Raises: 4 x 6-8. Abs: 200 total reps of your choice

Day 6: OFF

Day 7: OFF Repeat Cycle on 8th day

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