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Kre-Alkalyn Information And Supplements At The Lowest Price! Benefits Of Creatine, Without The Side-Effects!

Introduction To Kre Alkalyn

Muscle building supplements generally involve supplementing normal protein intake with extra protein. Protein is the building block for muscle growth and comes in three forms: protein, creatine, and kre alkalyn. Protein is your standard muscle builder and can be found in some quantity in everyday foods, especially meats. Creatine is a derived form of muscle builder that is significantly more useable by the human bodyís muscle tissue. Even more efficient though is Kre Alkalyn creatine.

Kre Alkalyn is not a new product. It has been available for a while now. While many have heard or have tried creatine supplements, many may have not heard of or tried the new form which is Kre Alkalyn.

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What is Kre Alkalyn Creatine?
Jeff Golini is the man who discovered Kre Alkalyn. He is also the one who discovered Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG), which is a nitric oxide amplifying agent. Kre Alkalyn was discovered while he was doing routine purity and stability tests on creatine using near infrared analysis (NIR), a new product testing technology that Jeff introduced. US patent #6, 399,661 was awarded to Kre Alkalyn.

Research has shown that the speed of conversion for regular creatine is related to the pH of the liquid used for mixing it. When creatine is mixed with liquid it breaks down to creatinine which is a useless compound. The lower the pH of the creatine the quicker it converts to creatinine. However, when the creatine pH level is raised above 7 the conversion rate to creatinine slows. With a pH of 12, the conversion from creatine to creatinine stops altogether.

What Kre Alkalyn creatine is is a pH buffered creatine with a pH above 12 which allows it to remain stable when mixed with a liquid. The significance Kre Alkalyn creatine has for bodybuilders is that with the buffered pH the Kre Alkalyn creatine that they consume, it remains stable therefore reaching muscle cells at full strength.

Side Effects and Benefits of Kre Alkalyn Creatine
There are many key benefits of Kre Alkalyn Creatine.

With the pH buffered creatine:
You only need to take small amounts each day, about one to three grams which greatly benefits anyone who is weight training or bodybuilding. Rather than ingesting eight to ten pills of regular creatine, with Kre Alkalyn you only need one to two pills a day.

You will notice the same, if not better results with Kre Alkalyn Creatine as you would with regular creatine.

Some people have complained of minor bloating, as well as GI issues, and stomach upset with the use of regular creatine monohydrate. With Kre Alkalyn Creatine you donít have to concern yourself any side effect because the effects are caused by the creatinine not the creatine itself.

Kre Alkalyn is extremely affordable.

Kre Alkalyn is the ultimate in supplements for those wanting to feed muscles the needed nutrients in order to increase strength and build up muscle mass.

Reasons to use Kre Alkalyn Creatine
Kre Alkalyn creatine increases lean muscle mass significantly in as little as two to three weeks.

Kre Alkalyn creatine greatly improves your performance in high intensity exercises. It also increases your energy level and speeds up recovery time. This is because creatine enhances energy reserves in muscle by muscle synthesizing action while it minimizing the breakdown of protein. The reason is due to one of the many benefits of creatine, its effect of super hydrating muscle cells with water. What creatine does is enhance muscle growth to make muscle fibers bigger and stronger.

Kre Alkalyn creatine also boosts muscle memory.

Kre Alkalyn creatine speeds up the process of fat loss while building lean body mass.

It isnít just bodybuilders and those looking to lose weight who can benefit from the use of Kre Alkalyn creatine. Seniors can also benefit due to its enhanced immune system function, as well as increased muscle mass and functioning strength that is seen from those who use creatine. Muscle tissue is what protects bone mass from stress and fracture. Creatine helps to protect muscle tissue therefore, it indirectly protects bone mass. Fractures are common among seniors and taking Kre Alkalyn, it will help prevent common fractures.

If you are a creatine user, or wishing to begin taking creatine as a way to lose weight and build body mass then use Kre Alkalyn creatine. It has all the benefits of creatine, without the side effects caused by creatinine. Unpleasant side effects is often the reason why people stop taking diet and/or exercise supplements but with Kre Alkalyn creatine there are none of the unpleasant side effects to worry about. Start taking Kre Alkalyn creatine today and start seeing results almost immediately.

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