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Pinnacle Bodyonics

Pinnacle Bodyonics Supplements Information

The A-D-S Delivery System Bodyonics Pinnacle supplements employs a very sophisticated (nutrient) delivery system in Pinnacle supplements that allows maximum payloads and controlled release of active ingredients - at proper times and locations - for optimal tissue saturation. Using this technology with nutritional supplements protects them until they reach their intended sites of absorption, and then, controls their rate of release. The goal is to achieve maximum cellular function through continuous release of acceptable forms of active nutrients as the working muscle cells need them.

The Inside on Inulin

Use of the complex carbohydrate Inulin as a delivery system has to be the most significant breakthrough in recent nutrient-release technology. Inulin is a unique carbohydrate. When extracted from its plant source and properly formulated, it becomes a nutritive fiber which, when ingested, breaks down slowly over approximately 2 to 10 hours. When specific nutrients are combined with Inulin, they are released over the 2 to 10 hour period. As the body metabolizes the Inulin, it protects these nutrients until they reach their target tissues. Inulin also enhances the target tissues' ability to use the nutrients before they are excreted. Standard forms of nutrients, without a proper delivery system, make it impossible to maintain full saturation of muscle cells that may otherwise sustain maximum volumization and performance. Creatine supplementation is a classic example of the body's inability to use continuous, high doses. Doses used in the beginning of the creatine loading cycle turn off the cells' receptors. Consequently, additional doses are almost all excreted. Combining creatine, glutamine or other compatible nutrients with Inulin forms a unique, bio-reactive molecule. This provides maximum nutrient protection and absorption into the blood. As it is slowly metabolized, the inulin releases the combined nutrients for up to ten hours after ingestion - maintaining tissue saturation with little waste. Protecting and keeping the nutrients "held in storage" or inulinized until the tissues can accept them, offers many advantages, including:

The user's ability to comply with proper intervals of intake. Smaller amounts of the compounds are needed for maximum results (significant financial savings). Less waste of ingested compound results in less work for the body (liver) to breakdown and excrete them. the ability to maintain daily intra-cellular concentrations of desired compounds leading to continual cell volumizing and the possible continuous amplified anabolic signal. The bottom line is this: Many nutritional compounds - given in adequate doses and at proper times - have the ability to improve exercise performance and thus, enhance results. The degree of difference one may experience depends on his or her physiological state and the preparation, including use of an effective delivery system, of the ingested compound.

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