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Improve your bench press with the right nutrition program.

The expression “your window of opportunity is closing,” applies to many things including your body's ability to pack on mass. During every day there are small windows of opportunity in which to feed your body with musclebuilding nutrients. Eating during these opportune times is exactly what you need to do for muscle growth.

Breakfast Breakfast is suggested by many to be the most important meal of the day.

Goal: Kick-start your metabolism and replenish your drawn-out muscle storage of glycogen. Choose foods and supplements that are broken down and shuttled to your muscle cells rapidly.

Mid-Morning Meal Although breakfast and post-training supplementation are probably most critical to the size of your muscles, use this meal to keep your blood flooded with musclebuilding nutrients.

Goal: Eat portions of protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fat to fuel your pursuit of adding muscle.

Supply your body with ample musclebuilding nutrients at every meal. Lunch With lunch being a less active time of the day, eat enough nutrients to promote muscle growth and not fat gain.

Goal: Select slow-acting carbohydrates and protein to eat.

Afternoon Meal/Pre-Workout You will need an array of nutrients to help boost your energy to meet the demands of your workout.

Goal: Choose foods that release slowly into your bloodstream, so you can have the energy to train and enjoy your favorite activities.

Post-Workout Supplementation Probably the most critical time for affecting the size and strength of your muscle.

Goal: Supply your muscles with vital musclebuilding nutrients including creatine, fast-acting carbohydrates, and whey protein.

Supplement with ACETABOLAN III® to help support your testosterone levels and promote strength gains. Evening Meal Add to your post-workout supplementation with a nutrient-fortified meal.

Goal: Eat a variety of slow-acting proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy dietary fats that can keep your body's muscle stores full of nutrients overnight.

Before-Bed Supplementation The last step to propelling your body into an overnight musclebuilding state.

Goal: Support your body's own production of testosterone for helping you increase mass and strength.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet and training program.

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