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Plan Your Nutrition To Guarantee Success

Eating right takes planning. The mistake most of us make is that we donít plan our nutrition in advance, we wait till we get extremely hungry, and we grab the first thing that we can findóusually fast food. Itís a recipe for disaster. The use of high quality meal replacements or MRP's can help you in your optimum nutrition goals.

During your 10 minute planning session, you should also think about your nutrition for the upcoming week. This is crucial. Weíre not talking about writing down exactly what youíll eat and when (or weighing food and the rest of that foolishness). Thatís all nonsense, and that type of severe restriction is a clear recipe for failure.

Instead, try to decide what strategies you can use to insure that you eat frequent, small meals (as opposed to gorging yourself at one or two meals per day) of nutrient dense food. Your goal is to compose your meals primarily of real food. In general, the more processed the food is the less you should have. Not sure if itís processed? Well, if it grows or ever moved itís a priority; if itís found in a plastic package or a box, or worse yet a plastic package inside a box, itís probably heavily processed.

Taking the time to plan ahead for your week also allows you to realistically determine trouble-spots and adjust accordingly. For instance, perhaps you have a social gathering scheduled for next Saturday, maybe a holiday party. Well, set aside this day as your cheat day or free dayóa day when you can eat whatever you like.

Having one cheat day a week is a great idea to help you through those cravings, and as long as youíre eating healthy on the other six days, one cheat day wonít set you back at all. In fact, itís so good for your mental attitude that, if anything, itíll help propel you further.

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