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Octacosanol For Building Muscle


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Octacosanol is a 28 carbon long-chain saturated primary alcohol. It is a constituent of vegetable waxes.

Octacosanol is isolated from the wax found on green blades of wheat. It is the major long-chain alcohol isolated from the waxes of sugar cane and yams. It is also found in wheat germ oil.

Octacosanol is also known as l-octacosanol, n-octacosanol and octacosyl alcohol.

Octacosanol (1-Octacosanol)

Octacosanol is a solid waxy substance that is insoluble in water. Octacosanol belongs to the family of fatty alcohols.


All of the actions of octacosanol are unknown. It is the major long-chain alcohol in policosanol, and policosanol appears to lower cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels. However, the role of octacosanol in the putative cholesterol-lowering activity of policosanol is unclear. Studies has shown that is may precepitate muscle building qualities.


The absorption of octacosanol is variable and low. Octacosanol absorption, following ingestion, ranges from about 11% in rats and humans to about 28% in rabbits. Less octacosanol is absorbed on an empty stomach and more with food. The higher the lipid content of food, the greater the absorption. Octacosanol is absorbed from the small intestine into the lymph and from there enters the bloodstream. Distribution is mainly to the liver, digestive tract, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. Octacosanol may be partly oxidized to the long-chain fatty acid, octacosanoic acid, which then undergoes beta-oxidation.

Following a single dose of octacosanol in experimental animals, peak plasma levels are observed between 30 minutes to two hours. Following a single dose of octacosanol in human volunteers, peak plasma levels are observed at one hour and four hours later. Bile is the main route of excretion. Renal excretion is negligible.


Octacosanol, like policosanol, may have cholesterol-lowering effects, and muscle building effects but research will have to be done to confirm this. Similarly, there is evidence suggesting that octacosanol may increase physical endurance and that it may benefit some with Parkinson's disease. Octacosanol is not indicated for use in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis despite some claims of efficacy in this disorder.


There is evidence that octacosanol itself may lower cholesterol levels. There are claims that octacosanol is useful in building strength, muscle mass, and endurance, and these claims have made the supplement popular with some body builders and athletes. There is preliminary evidence, limited to animal experiments, that octacosanol may increase voluntary exercise in the animals.

Evidence that octacosanol may help in the treatment of Parkinson's disease is very preliminary, and the use of this substance in a well-designed study of those suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis showed no benefit. Neither neurologic nor pulmonary functions were improved.


Octacosanol is not recommended for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Parkinson's disease patients taking carbidopa-levodopa may experience side effects (see Adverse Reactions).

ADVERSE REACTIONS Side effects of octacosanol taken up to 20 milligrams daily are infrequent. Mild position-related nonrotational dizziness, increased nervous tension and worsening of carbidopa-levodopa-related dyskinesias have been reported in a few Parkinson's disease patients taking octacosanol.

INTERACTIONS Carbidopa-levodopa: Octacosanol has been reported to worsen dyskinesias in a few Parkinson's disease patients taking carbidopa-levodopa.

No other nutritional supplement, herb or food interactions are known.

OVERDOSAGE There are no reports of overdosage.

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