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Phosphocreatine, Muscle's Most Wanted Supplement!

World Class Nutrition knows that for some of you the above may seem like an odd statement. I mean, it's not that hard to get a hold of phosphocreatine, is it?

Do not speak to soon my friends.

In order for us to understand what phosphacreatine is we must first define creatine's components. Creatine, which can either be synthesized naturally within muscle cells, or ingested from food and supplements, is composed of three amino acids: methionine, arginine, and glycine.

The mission statement is pretty simple: To increase, utilize and store energy within the body. Additionally creatine can increase intracellular water retention (WAIT!!! retention is a good thing!!!) causing bigger, fuller muscles and enable a faster recuperation process.

Interesting isn't it? For years this compound has been considered a must for those looking to enhance their physique. Unfortunately, ingesting creatine doesn't guarantee the results aforementioned. Creatine must pick up phosphate molecules to become capable of assisting in ATP production. During the first few twitches of exercise, ATP stores are instantly mobilized and the supply must remain constant for the muscle to continue functioning. The most rapid means of generating ATP is through phosphorylation of ADP by creatine phosphate Don't get me wrong, there are other factors involved when powering a physique with adequate amounts of available ATP, but it starts with the body desperately looking for phosphocreatine's assistance.

There are a few ways to attain phosphocreatine, one being natural production. Endogenous phosphocreatine is transported from its production sites via the bloodstream to the skeletal muscles where 95% of it is stored for ATP production.

Obviously, you can ingest additional creatine, whether it be from supplements or creatine rich foods like red meat, salmon, tuna to name a few. The problem though is that creatine and phosphocreatine are not the same! It is likely that all of your food and supplemental creatine are related in their molecular structure to creatine monohydrate. As you may already know creatine monohydrate is more likely to convert into creatinine (waste material) rather than phosphocreatine. Only at the doorstep of the skeletal muscle will creatine gain the necessary phosphates to convert into phosphocreatine, which will ultimately power ATP production (and power you to another strength category).

This brings me to my point; the goal isn't in getting phosphocreatine to lend additional phosphates for ATP production (that's the EASY part). The goal is to simply PROTECT and DRIVE creatine to the skeletal muscle so that it may add the essential phosphate group!


Enough scientific mumbo jumbo. Here's what you need to do:

Take a look at the supplemental facts on your creatine bottle. What version of creatine are you using? I prefer what I am most comfortable with- not to mention what I have seen tested before my own eyes; an ethyl ester bond. By using this particular form of creatine (CEM3™, otherwise known as creatine ethyl ester malate) I am guaranteed a safe route through the stomach acids, into my blood stream, picking up the necessary phosphates and driving directly into my muscle for ATP regeneration. I can feel it power my strength, energy and recuperation within days of usage. I can see volume, vascularity and dense muscularity as each day passes on a cycle.

Granted CEM3™ is not the only creatine on the market that uses this bonded approach, just the best. My request to you is to stay educated. Call your supplement provider and ask the tough questions. If they cannot give you a sense of security with the product you are spending your hard earned money on than keep looking. Do not lower your standards or sacrifice your results by purchasing inferior products. Your body will thank you in the long run.

On another note, I wanted to thank Steve Downs and everyone at the Exercise Group for allowing me to contribute. I hope that you have found this column interesting and informative. I would also like to mention that I appreciate your thoughts on this article and any additional ideas you may want me to elaborate on in the future.

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