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Prohormones & Andro For Building Muscle Now! Legal Steroids!!

Do you want to build muscle? Do you want to be bigger? Do you want to get noticed? Here is your answer. These are legal Pro Hormones that help increase testosterone levels. Begin to transform your body and sculpt it to the way you want it to look with using these top of the line Pro-Hormones.

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Since the (technical) ban was made on over the counter pro-hormones, there’ve been a new crop hitting the shelves over the last year or so. How can this be if they’re illegal? For the same reason the first batch got on the market. There’s some ambiguity concerning the legal definition of some of these products. And since they can so easily be manufactured and the FDA can’t control the “supplement” industry it allows for a lot of things to slip under the wire and make their way to the marketplace.

This has good and bad implications. On one hand the public should be able to get what they want without restriction, but on the other hand, anybody with a chemistry kit and a sink can concoct some formula and sell it without inspection. But the bottom line is; do they work? And the short answer is NO.

What we have out there is a new generation of substances based on the molecular structure of steroids. But whenever you alter a formula, eve if you shift one molecule, it changes everything.

That’s not to say these substances don’t have some hormonal or anabolic effect. But the anabolic effect is so slight it’s negligible and the hormonal effect is more bad than good.

Every latest reincarnation of pro-hormones or pro-steroids, or whatever you want to call them all make the same claim. They’re better than the last ones. But they never are. There’s always SOME problem. 17aa-1-methyl testosterone worked pretty well but caused severe lethargy. What’s up with that? The formula fordelta 5 androsten – 3b-ol-one is a derivative of Anadrol and has shown promise for muscle gain …but at a price - gynocamastia. It’s probably because it converts to progersterone, just like Anadrol. No need getting into the knock off of vet roids, is there? The originals aren’t even tested on humans and have been shown to cause anxiety, night sweats and insomnia. No thanks.

What’s most interesting is all the claims of testosterone elevation yet there is not a single, NOT ONE, legitimate double blind peer study verifying that. There is however, lots of empirical evidence that they cause a host of problems.

Let’s be real. If these things worked as well as steroids don’t you think the Pharmaceutical companies would get a hold of them? They’re not dopes, ya know.

WE OFFER YOU A CHALLENGE!!! We’ll put a stack of UNLEASHED/BIG BLAST and VIGOR up against ANY of these so called steroids in terms of which would produce more muscle. No contest. Our products don’t bloat you or offer fake stimulation. They build REAL muscle.

When it comes to increasing free testosterone do a blood test comparing any of that junk to UNLEASHED. Blood tests don’t lie. Go ahead. SEE which will elevate it more. You may be surprised. But we won’t.

Compare POST CYCLE to any of the anti estrogens or liver detox products on the market. POST CYCLE wins every time. More and more people realize the way to recover is through getting the body to work on its own, not covering up the symptoms with more drugs. POST CYCLE lowers estrogen and removes toxic waste. It’s a fact.

And the best part is, UNLEASHED, POST CYCLE. VIGOR and BIG BLAST are all natural. The FDA can not regulate them. But unlike these disguised drugs, they have no negative side effects. They’re safe. They’re healthy. They’re honest.

And they work.
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