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Pure Testosterone, Muscle Building, Fat Shredding Stack!!!

Ultimate Muscle Building Testosterone Stack!!!
Many people who think of testosterone think, ĎSTEROIDSí but this isnít the case anymore. When wanting to build muscle, get massive muscle pumps, and speed up recovery, you donít need to look any further than Pro Cycle Labs. Testosterone is what helps men build muscle but doing it the correct way is what is important. ProCycle Labs has created the one of the best Pro-Hormone Cylce on the market! Bolasterol, Halostane, and Arimiplex create this amazing cycle.

Bolasterol is the Mass Building Supplement from Pro Cycle Labs is Phase 1 of the 3 Phase Anabolic Cycle that can help you get large. Phases 2 and 3 consist of Halostane and Arimiplex from Pro Cycle Labs. Bolasterol is a newly formulated anabolic Mass Stack compound

Bolasterol boosts 3 different compounds:

  • Superdrol Compound

  • Dymethazine Compound

  • Progestin Compound

When used in conjunction with the supplement Halostane and the Pro Cycle PCT Arimiplex, you can expect a powerful muscle building cycle that will have you buying larger shirts and tearing up the gym on a regular basis.

HALOSTANE [Phase 2] - Precision Muscle Hardening

HALOSTANE TM: is a newly formulated Phase 2 in the Pro-Cycle Labs line-up. Bringing together two high dosed versions of the most popular hardening and lean gain/recomp agents ever designed - you can expect seriously impressive results with ProCycle Labs Halostane. Use immediately after Bolasterol Phase 1 products or as a standalone pro-anabolic for that dry, hard, chiseled look. Many users already report their weight going up even with fat percentages going down. This is the future of solid, competition style physiques.

  • Increase And Sustain Muscularity

  • Dry, Hard Gains

  • Increased Vascularity

  • High dose of epistane and halodrol

Arimiplex was designed to get your bodyís testes (gonads) making free and total testosterone again. It also contains an anti estrogen that acts like 6oXo a suicide inhibitor of estrogen. In other words your body cannot produce excess estrogen while taking ProCycle Labs Arimiplex, and it will also lower your existing estrogen levels. 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin is another new compound that we have developed that is known to lower blood glucose levels & thyroid which speeds up fat loss! It also has an anabolic effect on protein sparing & synthesis which will help you to maintain your weight more effectively even while off cycle. Anterior Pituitary Isolate which raises LH levels after a cycle which helps to normalize your body endocrine system. They also added liver regeneration & detoxification compounds to help assist in your bodyís repair from previous cycles.

The Ultimate Testosterone Stack!!! Donít pass this up, who knows how long it will be out on the market? If youíre looking to build solid muscle and keep it on, stop searching and start buying!

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