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Producing More Semen

Can Someone Produce More Semen?

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When a man can produce more semen, orgasms can be longer and more enjoyable. There are a few ways to aid men to produce more semen, from lifestyle changes to the use of an herbal supplement.

Q: This is kind of embarrassing, but my husband has always had a problem with the quantity of his ejaculations. I was wondering if there are any tips, tricks or medications out there that could help him produce more semen, so that his orgasms were more satisfying for him. As it is, we donít have a problem with our sex life because heís so attentive to my needs, but because he just doesnít seem able to produce more semen than he does, he rarely cares much about his own orgasm. I just want him to have the same quality of experience as I do. Can you suggest anything?

A: Actually, there are a few different ways in which men can produce more semen than they already do. The reasons for wanting to do that are very understandable. When a man produces more semen, his ejaculation time is longer, the contractions are stronger and the experience is overwhelmingly more satisfying. In addition to that, larger ejaculate semen volume is a sign of a healthy reproductive system and signifies virility.

No doubt, men have a psychological belief that when they produce more semen, their manhood is much more apparent to their partners. The good news for you is that if your husband can produce more semen, he will likely become even more interested in sex, as larger semen and sperm counts tend to spark ongoing desire.

Here are a couple of tricks and ideas you can pass on to your husband to aid in his desire to produce more semen:

Stop smoking. Yes, not only is it bad for the lungs, but itís bad for the volume of semen and sperm counts, as well. If you toss the pack in the trash once and for all, youíll definitely produce more semen.

Eat healthy foods. Already, this is sounding like a diet and health manual, but itís true. Eating a diet that is balanced and full of fruits and veggies can be of beneficial aid when a man wants to increase semen production.

Donít have sex as often. What? How can that be? I thought the purpose was so that sex was better, and better more often. Well, as paradoxical as it sounds, really what this means is that a man should not ejaculate more than once or twice per day if he wants to produce more semen. Itís relative: The more semen released in small amounts, the less semen there is for the biggie.

Learn how to do Kegel exercises. Exercising the PC muscle hasnít completely scientifically been proven to help produce more semen; however, it can help the sensation accompanying ejaculation and the ejaculation itself be longer, stronger, and more powerful.

Take an herbal supplement. Stinger Rx is specifically designed to help a man produce more semen for more intense ejaculations. Specifically, herbal supplements that include arginine or amino acids, as well as the herbal extract Cernitin, work directly with the bodyís semen production. Stinger Rx is trusted, reliable, safe, and a highly effective natural herbal supplement. It includes arginine AKG and Cernitin, which will definitely help your husband produce more semen, and will benefit both of you in the long run. Good luck!

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