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Tribulus Terrestris: Puncture Vine Usage on the Rise

Tribulus terrestris, or puncture vine, is a plant that has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for centuries.  It has been utilized largely as a digestive aid and libido enhancer.  It became popular in North America during the mid 1990ís when it was brought into the spotlight from the eastern European competitors claiming that it boosted their athletic performance.  Since then, its reputation has been magnified as a natural cure for ED and other ailments due to its reported ability to rebalance testosterone levels.

Tribulus is a genus of plants. This genus contains 45 separate species.  The species grows all over the world wherever there are mild climates and sandy oils. Although in controlled studies, Tribulus has not been shown to increase testosterone levels or demonstrate strength-enhancing properties, bodybuilders swear by its effectiveness today. They often use Tribulus terrestris in belief that it will normalize their testosterone levels after cycles of anabolic teroids.  This is known as post cycle therapy (PCT).

Most species of Tribulus are perennials. However in colder climates, some grow as annuals. The leaves of all Tribulus species are compound and opposite.  The insect-pollinated flowers of the Tribulus plants are hermaphroditic displaying five-fold symmetry.  Some species of Tribulus, especially in warmer climates, are cultivated as ornamental plants.  Other species, including puncture vine, are classified as weeds.

Animal modeling has shown Tribulus terrestris to be effective in enlivening behavior.  This is believed to be true due to its ability to stimulate androgen receptors in the brain. Human studies have failed to show the same, but its popularity continues to grow.  It is believed to promote overall health, aid digestion, support healthy cholesterol levels, maintain balanced blood pressure readings, enhance libido function and increase muscle tone.  While clinical studies have not proven the purported benefits of puncture vine.

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Tribulus is an herb that increases testosterone levels through its active ingredient protodioscin, which causes the brain to release luteinizing hormone (LH). LH travels via the bloodstream to the testicles, where it boosts the production of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels can immediately improve muscle strength by enhancing the firing of the nerves that supply muscle fibers. Taking tribulus for too long can eventually lead to suppressed levels of testosterone because when you raise the production of testosterone, it causes the brain to shut down further production of this hormone. Take it only on workout days to prevent this from occurring. Go with 250-500 mg about 30-60 minutes before your workouts. Quality tribulus terrestris products include Tribex by Biotest, Off Cycle by Fizogen, Endotest Pro by SAN and Vitrex by Nutrex.
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