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The Unending Rollercoaster Ride

Robert DeNiro used to do it all the time.

He would go from looking like a frail, little twig to a hefty pig in a matter of a few weeks. As soon as the scale would go up, it would be shooting back down again. Following the acting icon’s body type was like a trip on Disney’s Space Mountain. Up and down and all around, you had no idea where it was going.

Fit. Fat. Fit. Fat. Fit again. Fat again.

At least DeNiro was benefiting from such a wild weight fluctuation; the proof is in the millions in his pockets and the Oscar trophies on his mantle.

With you and I, the roller coaster we’ve strapped ourselves into is not exactly the ride we’ve been looking for. If you’re a passenger of this endless journey, you know that trying to maintain a healthy weight can be anything but amusing.

For millions, the destination seemed to arrive when you peaked at your long-desired weight. You probably labored long and hard to shed the unwanted jiggle in your wiggle and once you did so, you finally felt like you were on top of the world.

But getting to the top is one thing. Staying there is another.

Just a few weeks later, the intense desire to look your very best began to wane. The pastries looked creamier and the hamburgers looked juicer than ever before. The months you chipped away to sculpt your dazzling, new look, it all goes down in a hurry, right down with those fattening goodies that are sliding down your throat.

Try applying these three concepts to your everyday life and turn that wild roller coaster ride into a smooth sail toward success.

* Make your healthy diet a part of your life. You need to instill in your mind that your new eating habit is the new ‘you’, the status quo, the norm of your everyday life. Do not perceive healthy eating as a passing fad or “something I’ll do for a little until I get bored.” If you want to look fit – and stay looking fit – you need to prepare yourself mentally for a permanent change in your lifestyle.

* Eat for nourishment, not pleasure. By this, we mean that you should train yourself for eating the essential carbohydrates, proteins, nutrients, and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. Make this the priority of why you eat – and not the pleasures of taste. Keep those tasty additives, things like mayonnaise, butter, and cheese, out of your life. Also, do not starve yourself. By not eating enough, you will subject yourself with the overwhelming desire to indulge and indulge heavily. Keep your body fueled at all times.

* Don’t go overboard. By this, we mean, do not count every calorie of every meal of every day. It is okay to cheat here and there, as long as you keep one important concept floating through your mind at all time: moderation. Try to allow yourself a cheat day once or twice a week – days that you can let the guard down a bit – and indulge in a few treats. Total deprivation is not good for the body and not good for the soul.

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