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What World Class Nutrition customers say about Ultimate Nutrition


I have been using your Glutamine powder and Whey Protein for my training over the winter months. I have noticed excellent digestability over other companies products. I also find the taste of your protein to be quite good. Price is at or slightly below the competition so that's a plus as well. Your products are superior to all others I have used, and I have used a lot. I have bounced around trying different manufacturers and have generally never settled on one company, but Ultimate Nutrition has done it for me. I am sold on your products, I guess I have seen the whey. Keep up the excellent work and when I am hopefully at the top of the podium alot this summer, I will make sure your products are mentioned. Chris Cyclist - Triathlete Canada


I have been using whey protein supplements for years now, and I've used every brand out there. Just last year I was introduced to Prostar Whey protein. I must say that you put it correct when you state that "you'll look forward to using it!" The stuff tastes great, and you pack a lot of protein in a 70cc serving. I've gotten all my friends using your prostar whey, and now they're getting everyone that they know using it! It's great stuff! Well just recently I have moved to Naples Florida, and have been looking around at various health food stores for prostar whey, and have not been able to find anyone that carries it. Could you tell me if you have any retailers in the area that I can buy from? Or is there somewhere online or on your website that I can buy from? Help! Please! These other protein powders are making me sick!!!!! Thanks, James G. - Naples, FL


Dear Sir, I just wanted to say that I love the Prostar Whey Protein. The banana flavor tastes great. I've never gone through 5 lbs. of protein so fast. And I have never gotten bloated, or cramped from it either.

Thanks, Brad L. - Loves Park, IL


Prostar is the best protein I have tried. I take it with the Methoxy Whey and have yielded great results. I have switched from NitroTech and do not regret it. Thanks, Jason H. - Ontario, Canada


Dear Sirs, I have been powerlifting for about three years now and as a "Natural" lifter, I do not want to use steroids or any banned substances. I recently bought a bottle of Ultimate Nutrition's Gaba hoping for assistance in recovery and a performance boost. After only a couple of weeks of use I feel incredible. THIS STUFF ROCKS!!

Thanks Guys, Michael A. - Muncie, IN


I have used ProStar Whey for about a year now and I have found it extremely effective, thus, I am very interested in using some of your other products. Keep Up The Good Work!!!


Dear Sir, I have been using your new Methoxy Protein and I am EXCITED!! I am preparing for the NABF Pro-Am Championships on Nov. 17th and have never looked better! The only change in my diet or lifting is switching to ULTIMATE Protein Powder and Methoxy Powder. I have an excellent chance to be the National champ!! I have been plugging your product to everyone when they ask me what I am on!!

James T. - Plattsburgh, NY


Your products are outstanding. As a personal trainer, I am constantly asked which ergogenics I recommend. Exceptional product quality/value make your line of supplements the ones I select for my clients and myself (I am a mountain bike/adventure racer). Ray Z. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Dear Madame or Sir, Ultimate Nutrition is for me one of the best names of bodybuilding supplements! It's amazing how I gained weight with just a protein shake, creatine and the vanadyl sulfate from Ultimate Nutrition! I would even say, that Ultimate Nutrition has the most known supplements worldwide!!!

Best regards from Switzerland, Eric K. - Zurich, Switzerland


Dear Sir, I have been using your product, MASSIVE WHEY GAINER, faithfully every day. The results are fantastic. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in gaining strength and endurance. It has all the essential and nonessential amino acids needed in the body in just one meal.

Michael C. - San Diego, CA


Dear Sir, The best of supplements in the market.

Martin B. - Argentina


Dear Sir, You have an excellent line for sport nutrition products. Your Creapure and HMB are excellent in quality and fit most competitive athlete's tight budgets.

David H - Victoria BC, Canada


Dear Sir, The only thing I can say is that they are the best product (also in quality) I ever taste.

Francisco G. - Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Dear Sir or Madame;

Hello, greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada!

I have used your products for the past year and might I say that all of your pure whey protein powders are indeed "delicious". I was so surprised and relieved to finally find a product that I like and has no bad after taste.

I have been into weight training for quite some time so supplementation is the key to success for me. I have tried various items on the market and am proud to say that I am sold on Ultimate Nutrition! Keep up the great work!

Wish me luck, as I am competing on October 14th, in Surrey, BC. When I collect all my trophies, I'll be sure to mention that my body was fueled by 70% Ultimate Nutrition products. Including, MCT Oil, Creatine, Protein Powder and Yohimbe! Haven't tried the herbs line, but that's next!

Great web site by the way!

Thanks again!

Sincerely Michelle - Vancouver, BC.


Over the years I have tried tons of different brands of whey protein mostly in disappointment. Then I started to use your Prostar Whey. I have never been happier with a supplement before. The AA profile is great, it mixes well and every flavor I have tried has been awesome! I recommend your products to every person I know and even some people I don't know at my gym all in confidence that they will be as pleased as I constantly am. Thanks for your great products. It is nice to know there is still a company out there that actually cares what they put into their products, instead of selling out for the cheapest ingredients and "formula changes" to boast an even greater profit.

Thanks again, Russ J. - Weston, WI

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